Tel: 01908 679354/608838

Our Staff

Senior Staff/Management

  • Mrs Louise Aird (Headteacher)
  • Mrs Jane Price (Deputy Headteacher)

Teaching Staff

  • Mrs Aisha Jung (Nursery)
  • Mrs Anita Wood (Foundation Senior Leader)
  • Mrs Emma Birtle (Foundation Teacher)
  • Mrs Katie Craven (Foundation Teacher)
  • Miss Katie Fitzgerald (Y1 Teacher)
  • Mrs Fiona Tyler (Y1 Teacher)
  • Mrs Melanie Gladman (Y2 Senior Leader)
  • Miss Lauren Saunders (Y2 Teacher)
  • Miss Laura Crawley (Y3 Senior Leader)
  • Mrs Bhavini Sharpe (Y3 Teacher)
  • Miss Amanda Carter (Y4 Senior Leader)
  • Miss Michelle Metcalfe (Y4 Teacher)
  • Mrs Emily Creighton (Y5 Senior Leader)
  • Mr Matthew Nash (Y5 Teacher)
  • Mrs Jane Price (Y5 Teacher)
  • Miss Kimberley Loxley (Y6 Senior Leader)
  • Miss Corrina Callum (Y6 Teacher)
  • Mrs Camille Cross (Y6 Teacher)
  • Mrs Jill Thompson (Intervention Teacher)
  • Mrs Michaela Braniff (Inclusion Leader)

Administration Staff

  • Mrs Val Powell (Business Leader)
  • Mrs Sam Turner (Secretary)
  • Mrs Tina Fairley (Admin Support)

Cleaners and Lunchtime Supervisors

  • Mrs Lorraine Walsh (Breakfast Club & Cleaner)
  • Miss Julie Lambourne (Midday Supervisor & Cleaner)
  • Miss Emma Duncan (Midday Supervisor & Cleaner)
  • Miss Lizzie Salussolia (Midday Supervisor & Cleaner)
  • Miss Karen Jones (Midday Supervisor & Cleaner)
  • Miss Kelly Coates (Midday Supervisor & Cleaner)
  • Miss Caroline Lambert (Midday Supervisor)
  • Mrs Angie Overton (Midday Supervisor)
  • Miss Michelle Norman (Midday Supervisor)
  • Mrs Sharon O’Sullivan (Midday Supervisor)
  • Mrs Anne Sanders (Midday Supervisor)
  • Mrs Alison Taylor (Midday Supervisor)
  • Mrs Jenny Castle (Midday Supervisor)
  • Mrs Emma Evans (Cleaner)
  • Mr Stewart Twiggins (Caretaker)

Site Manager

  • Mr Scott Williamson

Learning Support Staff

Learning Mentors

  • Mrs Claire Morgan (Learning Mentor)
  • Mrs Natalie Matthews (Learning Mentor)
  • Miss Kelly McCormick (Learning Mentor)

Teaching Assistants

  • Mrs Emma Young (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs Joyce Dempsey (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs Joan Blazey (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs Debbie Cerrone (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs Caroline Smith (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs Jenny Winsor (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs Hazel Zahedi (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs Alison Taylor (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs Anne Sanders (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs Sarah Tite (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs Natasha King (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs Wendy Evans (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs Lynn Radley (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs Sharon O’Sullivan (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs Alison Edwards (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs Lynn Labrum (Teaching Assistant)
  • Miss Karen Jones (Teaching Assistant)
  • Miss Tammy Rath (Teaching Assistant)
  • Miss Candy Wise (Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs Phyllis Wiltshire (Teaching Assistant)

Nursery Nurse

  • Mrs Yvonne Coot (Nursery Nurse)

All members of our Learning Support Staff team work together to make sure that children can access their learning and make progress. Higher Level Teaching Assistants also work as part of the Teaching Team to deliver regular lessons whilst Class Teachers plan, prepare learning and assess children’s progress.