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Breakfast Club

BreakfastOur Breakfast Club was introduced in 2008 and little did we realise just how popular it would be. On average we cater for about 80 children a day but some days there are 100+, especially on a Friday!

Everyone knows the importance of having a good breakfast to start the day but the children also enjoy the social side of having breakfast with their friends and using the time to complete homework or practise reading.

We welcome children from Reception to Year 6 and we have an allocated member of staff to support the younger children.

Please contact the School Office for current booking arrangements.


Early Birds Terms and Conditions (PDF 258KB)

Night Owls After School Care Club

Our Night Owls is an after school activity club that provides a safe, supervised and stimulating play environment for the children. Children have a chance to relax and enjoy themselves with a free choice of activities. Snacks are provided which are both healthy and enjoyable for the children at 4.20pm once all of the registered children have arrived from clubs and 'mini session' children have left for the evening.

It is open from after school 3.10pm until 6pm for a flat rate of £8.00 per child, per session. You can collect your child at any point between that time.
We welcome children from Nursery up to Y6.

How to Book

If you would like to book your child in then please contact either Mrs Fairley or Mrs Turner in the school office and they will be happy to assist you and give you the relevant forms to fill in.

Night Owls Booking Form (PDF 236KB)

Night Owls Registration Form (PDF 284KB)

Night Owls Terms and Conditions (PDF 173KB)