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Coronavirus Update

In accordance with the government's directive, school is now closed to all children unless there exceptional circumstances i.e. critical keyworkers (frontline NHS). Families are asked to stay at home and save lives until further notice.

School Classes

Years 1 and 2

Years 1 and 2

Each of our Key Stage One year groups (Year 1 and 2) has two classes.

The opportunity to provide two classes per year means that staff support each other in planning and delivering a wide range of exciting learning opportunities for the children. Children develop their learning confidence through working in ability groups in Phonics and then with their class teacher for Mathematics and Literacy which means they will work with a range of teachers during each school week. Learning in other subjects is based upon a cycle of themes from the Cornerstones curriculum and is covered across the two classes.

Through the exciting additional learning opportunities provided for the children, we aim to develop enthusiastic learners who are growing in confidence; independence, responsibility, problem solving and collaborative abilities. Examples of opportunities your child might experience whilst in Key Stage One are working with The Parks Trust; visiting castles or museums, preparing productions for parents or working with visitors within school.

We believe it is important for all children in our Key Stage One classes to learn to think reflectively, respect others and have the confidence to share their ideas.