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Foundation Years

Foundation Years

Welcome to the Foundation Stage at Falconhurst School.

We are very proud of our Early Years area and all the children who come here to learn together. We believe that we offer a setting where everyone, including parents and carers, feels welcome and has a sense of belonging.

The Foundation Stage area is a stimulating, enjoyable, safe and secure environment where children can grow and achieve together. It plays a key role in supporting and extending each child's learning and development. Children learn both inside and outside. They are encouraged to access resources freely, to use their own ideas and to be creative. We know that children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates, so we have many opportunities throughout the day for child initiated learning as well as adult led activities.

The adults in the Foundation Stage work as a close team to ensure that each child settles quickly into school and gains confidence. Each child's play and learning is monitored and evaluated on a continuous basis by the adults to ensure progress. Our aim is that each child becomes an enthusiastic, confident and resilient learner who enjoys school.

Little Falcons Nursery

Little Falcons Nursery is our flexible provision for 3 and 4 year olds within the School setting where children can spend between 15 and 30 hours of learning time in school depending on parent choice.

We currently have three new offers for the Little Falcons Nursery.

Standard Offer
15 learning hours over 5 mornings each week (8.40am to 11.40am), or 5 afternoons each week (12.10pm to 3.10pm).

Flexible Offer
Two and a half days provision each week, to include 15 learning hours and 2 lunchtime activity sessions. Children can attend from 8.40 to 3.10pm on Monday and Tuesday with a half day (up to 11.40am) on Wednesday; or half day (from 12.10pm) on Wednesday with full days on Thursday and Friday. As the 2 days require lunchtime care, there will be a charge of £8 per week to cover staffing and resources. Lunch is not provided so children can bring a packed lunch from home, or they can have a hot meal ordered (paid or free school meal).

Extended Offer
Full time provision over 5 days to include learning and lunchtime activity sessions. Children attend from 8.40 to 3.10pm during term time and enjoy 6 hours of learning a day as well as time for lunch and activities. As this offer is greater than the 15 hours covered by the government voucher, families would be charged £4 per hour for the additional 19 hours (£76 per week). Lunch is not provided so children can bring a packed lunch from home, or they can have a hot meal ordered (paid or free school meal).

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